Feb 10, 2008

Anonymous protests part 2: electric boogaloo

Since the other entry was getting insanely long and bogged down with all the pictures and videos, I'm starting a second one.

First off, a little bit of misinformation spotting. It appears someone went on Indymedia and spread the rumour that the Perth protests had turned violent:

Needless to say, this is 100% FALSE and has been taken down by Indymedia soon after they were alerted to it. I don't think you even need 3 guesses to figure out who put that story up.

Secondly, the final two Boston pictures (that I have recieved, anyway...)

I'm not sure if that is a journalist or a tourist, but either is good, I suppose.

Not totally sure whats going on here...but it looks like they are having fun.

Well, anyway, I'm not hearing much in the mainstream media about New York or Clearwater, so I'm going to go lurk on a few select boards and see what information I can find.


Pictures and videos of the Edinburgh protest are available here.

Secondly, for any /i/nsurgents reading this page, you might want to look at this post from the Operation Clambake forums while considering your future strategy.


The President of the Manhatten Church gets swamped by New York Anonymous here (YouTube link).

Also, pictures from the New York protests are up on 4chan. A few are included below:

Also, the potentially most interesting protest, that in the Scientologist homeland of Clearwater, Florida, can bee seen here (Photobucket account).


Uncomfirmed news from Encyclopaedia Dramatica:

About a third of all Anon currently online who attended a protest report being followed.
One Scientologist was arrested for trying to remove the mask of an Anon.
Some CoS buildings have removed signs and paint indicating they are a CoS branch (not that it matters, since they have been marked using Google map and earth well before now, but anyway...).


Scientology has jumped into 8th place on Technorati's search rankings. About bloody time. Hopefully this will help it gain some traction with the mainstream media, who really seem to have dropped the ball on this one, so far.


Anonymous makes a statement for the public via YouTube. A transcript can be found here. Also, the Boston protest has been snowed off, according to the people attending.


Glosslip is back up....went down there for a bit. I suspect they are getting heavy traffic. Anyway, check out their entry on the Detroit protests.


News from the Toronto protests. Everything seems to be going well there, the cops seem to be in good humour about the whole thing. You can watch a short Youtube video of the protest here.

And here are some photos:

Rumours that Scientologists were arrested in London for trying to take masks off protesters, but I'm not finding anything concrete on that so far. As always, more as I get it.

Also, there are still people protesting in Boston, despite the apparently terrible weather. Its all still on, I am informed. Video of the Boston protests are also available here.

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