Feb 18, 2008

Bringing Discordianism to the Masses!

I am proud to unveil a new project undertaken by the Principia Discordia forums collective, that of the PD.com Blog (name undecided, as of yet).

We're still in the early days of putting it all together, trying to not blow the site apart with bad coding, crash the server etc but we're fairly functional even now. Naturally, I'll be blogging whatever I do here over there as well, and you can expect original content from many others as well.

I'm not sure precisely how we are going to approach the user thing currently, but if I already lurk at your blog, chances are we would welcome your blogging expertise as well.

So, definitly bookmark this place, because I know right now there is going to be some excellent shit on there.

Update: I've added an RSS feed for the site on the side of this blog. Also, we're on Technorati. Expect more Web 2.0 functionality to be added over the next few days, along with some old content from my blog, and newer stuff from other PD.com posters.

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