Jul 18, 2008

A list of stupid things that the American right actually believes

I've had to cut this down after it was reaching essay length, so I'll just concentrate on the most obvious ones.

  • That they are experts at discovering documents faked using Photoshop
  • John Kerry is a cowardly traitor
  • Saddam and Bin Laden work together
  • Iran has no sense of self-preservation
  • Europe is being overrun by Muslims
  • The Free Market works
  • Jesus will forgive all your sins
  • Jamil Hussein is not real
  • Detention camps work
  • Global Warming can be disproven using papers which are not peer-reviewed, which are not written by scientists with any sort of background in global warming.
  • Iraq is both simultaneously a pro-American paradise yet at the same time so dangerous it requires eleventy billion troops to occupy it for 10,000 years.
  • Jonah Goldberg is a serious thinker
  • George W Bush is a good President
  • Kathryn Lopez is not insane
  • "The sanctity of life" means its perfectly OK to keep dead people technically alive.
  • That Hillary is a Lesbian Communist.
  • Associated Press enable terrorists
  • Atheists love Muslims and hate Christians
  • Joe McCarthy was a True American Hero
  • Calling for extra-judicial, vigilante punishment against black men suspected of crimes is not "trying to form a lynch mob".
  • Dick Cheney really cares for the plight of oppressed peoples all over the world.

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