Jan 20, 2008

In the internet age, nothing is banned for long

Oh dear. It looks like the Church of Scientology decided both Tom Cruise and their expensive legal teams were not getting enough exercise, so they let the vertically challenged Messiah out of his cage long enough to embarass them on video, then sent in the legal team to clear up the damage and prevent it becoming a laughing stock.

Unfortunately, this is the age of the internet, and there are just so many unscrupulous people about, who will think nothing off making duplicates copywrited material and disseminating it around the internet for everyone to see. For example, I managed to find the below 2 links with just a few minutes of searching.

Download link one
Mirror link

Fortunately, its in .flv format, so not too many people will be able watch it without downloading some sort of free program.

Interestingly enough, the internet has decided to declare War on Scientology as well. At least, the parts of it on the various 4chan spin-off sites, including the HACKERS ON STERIODS of Fox News infamy. Along with mass dissemination of the Tom Cruise video and Scientology texts, there have been DDoS attacks against the Scientology site as well, which reportedly was down for a while. Operation Chanology has a lot of manpower and is even more amusing than the Church of Scientology, so I wish it well.


Anonymous said...

We thank you for your support. or y'know. we don't faggot, who knows?

We do not forgive, we do not forget.

because none of us are as cruel as all of us.

Episkopos Cain said...

Indeed. That's exactly what I'm hoping the CoS doesn't yet realize.

Anonymous said...

do you happen to remember the source of the "verticaly challenged" quote?

and congrats for receiving comments as the one above. especially that last sentence is a true gem.

HOOPLA said...

A copyrighted religion is a religion to watch out for, IMO.

peck said...

Senor Cain,

You do realize that Scientology is a yet another Discoridian front, right?

Yes, seriously. Kerry was an inner circle guy for a few years. But after Hubbard's death, the joke was lost and Scientology made it's transition to what we see now.

On the optimistic side, Katie is an Eristic avatar and the hope is she'll sway Tom and being to open all their "reality tunnels".