Feb 3, 2008

Operation Chanology: Cos Raids set for Feb 10th

If you hadn't already seen the blog entry done by The Madcap Laughs, let me direct you to it. Yes, Anonymous is going to be protesting outside the various cult centres of the CoS on February 10th, thats exactly one week from today.

Personally, I'm not taking part, because of aforementioned money troubles, and because the other people who I know who are going will likely try and drag me into a pub crawl afterwards - and I absolutely have to be up early the next day. But I'll be lending a hand to the Edinburgh protesters and will be there electronically, if not physically.

Also, since I like Anonymous and don't like the CoS, I've been trying to spread the word among various Discordian groups as well. As far as I know, there will be Discordians showing up at New York, Portland, Edinburgh, Melbourne and London, to give a helping hand. Probably some in other areas as well, but I only know so many people.

Anyway, if you want a definitive list of CoS centres that are going to be protested at, go here. So, if you happen to be free on the day, and are near one, go give a helping hand (mindful of the dress code, however). Its a good cause, after all....


Telarus, KSC said...

Johnny Brainwash and I were just talking about this last night. His idea (which I though would be perfect for the Adamn Weishaupt Soc, but only a week to pull it off?).. would be to fake some press announcements so that it appears that the CoS locations are having an open house on that day with FREE FOOD and FREE E-METER TESTS, etc, etc.

I LOL'd.

Episkopos Cain said...

Good idea though. The time wont matter, its close enough to make it hard for the CoS to issue denials.

I've passed it onto AWS, EB&G and PD.com.